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Deliver interactive presentations that combine your PowerPoints and PDFs with video, web content, images and polls. Everyone participates from their own device, in person or remote, in real-time or in their own time. No need to download or install a thing. It just works.

Integrating Software to Deliver Interactive Presentations

Build a genuine connection

Facilitate a dialogue. Empower people to ask questions, post comments, take notes and connect with everyone that tunes in. It can all be anonymous so people share what they’re really thinking and it’s all saved so you can review it later and the conversation can continue.

Build Engaging Audiences

Stop guessing, start knowing

Stop staring at room of blank faces and wondering what they’re thinking. Stop emailing decks and wondering if they’ve been opened. Stop throwing out ideas and wondering if people agree. Zeetings tracks every interaction and gives you data driven insights so you know what’s really going on.

Analyse Audience Engagement

Safe and secure

Zeetings keeps everything in one place. Safe, secure and accessible from all your devices. Keep track of who has access, when they’re online and how they’re interacting. Change your content even after it’s shared and change who has access whenever you need to.

Safe & Secure Online Presentation Software
"Beautiful, functional design and breathtakingly simple (bordering on clairvoyant) software... impressed the heck out of folks."
Paul Muller
Paul Muller VP Software Marketing, HP Software
"The first time I used Zeetings it transformed my experience as a conference participant and keynote speaker. Since then I have introduced it to every conference I am involved with."
Peter H. Diamandis
Peter H. Diamandis Founder and Chairman, X Prize Foundation
"It's ingenious and delightful... It made perfect sense when I saw it in action."
Adam Lashinsky
Adam Lashinsky Asst. Managing Editor, Fortune Magazine
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