To kick off 2016, we wanted to share 16 things you can do with Zeetings this year. Let’s jump right in:


 1. Find out who wants pizza. Use polls to capture the pulse of the room.


2. Get everyone on the same page by broadcasting your slides to their device in real-time. It’s like having Jedi powers – you move, they move.


3. Add YouTube videos to your zeetings in 3.2 seconds flat.


4. Capture names and email address of everyone that attends your next presentation.


5. Provide your participants with simple, effective note taking.


6. Think ‘drag and drop’ is a drag? Reorder your slides with a little something we call “move to”.


7. Hot off the production line from 2015 is Q&A Sessionsyou can now pick any question, comment (or emoji?!) posted by your participants and display it on the big screen.


8. Ever had a burning desire to take your participants to a webpage mid-presentation? Weblink slides are just the ticket. With one click participants can jump to your website, a survey, your twitter page or anywhere else on the web.


9. Crowdsource questions and comments from your participants and display them in real-time on the big screen.


10. Securely share a zeeting by simply sending a link… you can track when it’s opened and keep control of your content by modifying access whenever you need to.


11. Get direct feedback from your participants by popping a form into your zeetings. Unlike polls, the info people submit in forms is just for you.


12. Find out which questions participants really want answered by sorting Activity by “most likes”.


13. Bring the www into your presentations – embed content you find online directly into your zeetings. Maps, gifs, images, videos… let your imagination run wild.


14. Get more out of Activity. Use @ to mention other participants in your zeeting and # to reference a particular slide. Just type @ or # and a pre-filled list will pop up.


15. Use your phone as a clicker. Open the same zeeting on your phone and laptop and start broadcasting from either device. Progress through your presentation on your phone and your laptop will automatically keep in sync. #mindblown


16. Be analytical. Use your Insights dashboard to understand exactly what’s happening in each of your zeetings, who’s participating and what they really think.


If you’d like to get up to speed on any of these features, schedule a demo and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know, or, just jump into Zeetings now. 


Have an amazing 2016!!!

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