The beauty of moving your presentations from your desktop to the browser is that all sorts of new capabilities become possible.

All of a sudden adding interactivity feels seamless. Throwing in a YouTube video becomes natural and embedding web content is straightforward. Our vision is ultimately to make everything that is possible within the browser, possible directly within your presentations.

You should be able to demo your product, showcase your website or even display real-time information such as stock prices or the weather.

Weblink Slides are part of this vision. What they do is allow you to take people from your presentation to any page on the web with just one click.

Here are 5 great ways to use weblink slides:

  1. Link to your twitter page for people to start following you
  2. Link to a survey when you need more detailed feedback than you may be able to capture with polls
  3. Link to your website, catalogue or even a product page on Amazon
  4. Link to your blog so participants can subscribe
  5. Link to additional information or resources on the topic you’re covering

You can use Weblink slides whether you’re presenting live with a broadcast or sharing your zeeting for participants to check out on their own.

Creating a Weblink slide is really easy:

  1. Go to the Add Content screen in a zeeting and select “Add a Weblink”
  2. Add a description of the link such as “Check out our new website”
  3. Add your link and hit create.


WeblinksOnce you create the Weblink slide, you can put it in the right spot in the same way that you reorder any other item of content.

We’d love to hear about the ways you’re using Weblink slides. Share in the comments 🙂

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