Collecting audience data using Surveys

When presenting it is important to understand exactly who our audience is. Have you ever wanted to obtain information on your audience for further insights? We created the Survey feature just for this very purpose. Here’s how to use it: Step 1: Create a new … Read More

Zeetings featured on CVO

Big shout to our friends in Holland. Please use google translate if you are not a native Dutch speaker. Zeetings tilt interactieve presentaties naar een hoger niveau

Working with Video in Live Presentations

Something that always seems to cause problems in live presentations is Video. It is hard to say why, Video is just quirky and often goes wrong. More and more, we like to include video in our presentations. In this article I … Read More

Remote Zeetings for remote attendees

NOTE: Remote Zeetings is currently in Beta. If you would like your account enabled for Remote Zeetings please email [email protected] Ever wanted engage attendees remotely? Its easy. Zeetings provides seamless integration to Google Hangouts. Using this integration you can conduct … Read More

One Zeeting or many Zeetings?

We get asked this question a lot. Mostly by folks running pitch competitions where there will be more than one presenter. There is no right answer to this question but here are some things you might want to consider when … Read More

Zeetings featured in MTA (external link)

q&a session

Ready for you next Panel, or Q&A session? I wanted to give you a quick tutorial to help you get up and running with the Zeetings Q&A slide. To setup a Q&A session in Zeetings, simply go into your Zeeting … Read More

Moderating a Q&A Session

Planning your next Q&A session? In this article I will explore the issue of moderation. By moderation, I mean the ability to selectively screen out questions from your audience. Q&A is a great way to make your presentations more interactive. Increasingly, audiences don’t … Read More