Zeetings is Closing Down

On 15 September 2021, we will be winding down our operations and the Zeetings platform will no longer be available. We are extremely grateful to the Zeetings community for being a part of the Zeetings journey When we first launched … Read More

Zeetings is joining Canva

We’re thrilled to announce Zeetings is joining Canva 🎉   We’re thrilled to announce that Zeetings is joining Canva. For those who don’t know, Canva is an amazingly easy-to-use tool for designing anything from social media graphics and invitations to postcards … Read More

Annecto: Bringing Disabled Conference Attendees Into The Conversation With Zeetings Polls

Annecto is one not for profit community inclusion organisation starting to understand the benefits of using digital technology to promote inclusion. The independent social purpose organisation works alongside other organisations to advocate for people with disability, older people, families and carers. In … Read More

Robin Good looks at Zeetings

Robin takes Zeetings for a spin and finds out it’s a great tool for increasing the engagement level of your audience. http://tools.robingood.com/site/contents/content/285158/2016-02-14/broadcast-slides-to-all-attendee-devices-and-engage-them-in-realtime-zeetings

Zeetings aparece en Proyecta

Herramientas de estudio disponibles para entornos de aprendizaje. http://www.plataformaproyecta.org/blog/encuestas-que-permiten-aprender

Zeetings featured on CVO

Big shout to our friends in Holland. Please use google translate if you are not a native Dutch speaker. Zeetings tilt interactieve presentaties naar een hoger niveau

Zeetings is big in Portugal

  João Costa Activador de marcas http://www.sabado.pt/opiniao/convidados/joao_costa/detalhe/uma_especie_de_power_point_com_uma_vocacao_social_para_envolver_os_participantes.html (external link)

Zeetings CEO talks to Conferencing Zone

http://conferencing.tmcnet.com/topics/conferencing/articles/409556-need-periscope-measure-presentations-impact.htm (external link)

Zeetings featured in TechCrunch

http://techcrunch.com/2015/08/10/zeetings/ (external link)

Zeetings – Product Hunt(ed)

https://www.producthunt.com/tech/zeetings-2 (external link)