Let your participants takeaway your slides

A very powerful feature of Zeetings is the ability to share content with other people: slide sharing. When I am working on an upcoming presentation, I always like to bounce ideas, and show early drafts of my ideas to colleagues. … Read More

Keep Track of Your Presentations

Can you email me you slides? Is this the latest version of your deck? Does anyone remember what Jess said about that slide with the green chart? Sharing presentations between your team raises all sorts of questions. Sharing documents outside … Read More

5 Great ways to use weblink slides

The beauty of moving your presentations from your desktop to the browser is that all sorts of new capabilities become possible. All of a sudden adding interactivity feels seamless. Throwing in a YouTube video becomes natural and embedding web content is … Read More

Crank up the Activity Feed

One of the most powerful features of Zeetings is the ability to wrap social conversation around content. The Activity feed is the primary way we enable this. In this tutorial I will give you a few tips on how to get … Read More

Zeetings and the Center to Develop Models and Tools

http://www.adisimonbar.com/useful-tools/כלי-ליצירת-מצגת-אינטראקטיבית-zeetings/ (external link)

Zeetings featured in Rad Presenters

http://www.radpresenters.com/episode-25-year-in-review/ (external link)

Problems converting Powerpoint to HTML

I get a lot of support calls from folks whose have problems converting Problems converting Powerpoint to HTML. Although we put a lot of work into Powerpoint translation, its quite a complicated process, and we cannot always get it 100% … Read More

Planning for Network Connectivity at Your Next Event

Think about the network BEFORE you present Interactive presentation tools like Zeetings are great. You can poll your audience, conduct Q&A, allow on-line access to your content – it’s the way of the future. But like many new technologies, interactive … Read More

q&a session

Ready for you next Panel, or Q&A session? I wanted to give you a quick tutorial to help you get up and running with the Zeetings Q&A slide. To setup a Q&A session in Zeetings, simply go into your Zeeting … Read More

Moderating a Q&A Session

Planning your next Q&A session? In this article I will explore the issue of moderation. By moderation, I mean the ability to selectively screen out questions from your audience. Q&A is a great way to make your presentations more interactive. Increasingly, audiences don’t … Read More