When presenting it is important to understand exactly who our audience is. Have you ever wanted to obtain information on your audience for further insights? We created the Survey feature just for this very purpose. Here’s how to use it:

Step 1: Create a new Zeeting, then add the content type “Create a Survey”.


Survey 1


















Step 2: Create your Survey, adding in the fields what you’d like your audience members to fill out.


Suvey 2



















Step 3: During your broadcast, simply navigate to the Survey slide in your Zeeting. Your audience will see the Survey and be prompted to fill it out.


Survey 3

















Step 4: After your broadcast, it’s time to collect your results. Click on the “Insights” tab inside your Zeeting, then click on the “Responses” tab.

Survey 4


Survey 5



















That’s it! We’ve made our Survey feature simple to integrate into your next presentation. It’s a paid feature, so if you haven’t upgraded your account, you can do so here http://about.zeetings.com/pricing/#pricing .

Happy Zeetings!


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