One of the most powerful features of Zeetings is the ability to wrap social conversation around content. The Activity feed is the primary way we enable this. In this tutorial I will give you a few tips on how to get the most out of your activity feed.

Tip 1: Referencing Slides

Its easy to reference slides in the activity feed, simply hit the hash key, and a list of all your slides will come up. Select the slide you want and, hey presto, a hot link to join your comment to your slide is inserted in the activity feed.

Tip 2: Referencing People

What to put the finger on someone in the activity feed. No problem. Just hit the @ key and up will pop a list of the usual suspects. Select the person you want and a reference to that person is added into the activity feed.

Tip 3: Inserting Images

To insert an image in the activity feed, simply post the url that references that image. For example posting will place that jpeg into your feed.

So lets put it all together now. Tip1 + Tip2 + Tip3 = something like this…

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 4.37.54 PM.png

Have fun in the activity feed.

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