We have all seen it before, that email in your inbox, “Our New Mission Statement”. It will probably talk about values and customers. On one level you think it’s not bad, and you agree with most of it, but on another level you wonder how they come up with this stuff. Perhaps a group of Execs at the recent off-site in Hawaii had a 1/2 hour break-out-session before dinner to slam it out. Or maybe some of the countries top marketing and positioning experts were paid a six digit digit sum to dream this up, along with the logo on your new business cards. Suddenly your phone rings – it’s a customer on the line, you just have time to delete the email, before you pick up the phone and get back to business as usual.

Creating a company mission statement is perhaps one of the most important tasks a company can undertake. A  mission statement is an effective way for the company to communicate to customers, employees and partners, it’s values and what it stands for. By internalising a mission statement, employees can become more effective and work better collaboratively, as they evaluate the thousands of decisions they make each year against the mission statement.

From a management perspective command and control style management structures, although still common, are  widely regarded as outdated. Increasingly leadership is seen as a more effective management technique than authority. A modern leader is a visionary, able to set goals, and align people behind those goals. The best way to align people behind goals is have them help formulate and shape these goals. People support that which they help create!

We have seen a number of innovative leaders use Zeetings to help them build out their company mission statements. Zeetings helps in that it enables leaders to have a two way conversation with employees, rather than to broadcast to them. To build a collaborative mission statement a leader will outline the high level goals for the company as set by the board, and executive leadership team. Following that, some of the strategy and execution tasks required to fulfil this mission will be outlined. With this raw material, there is an opportunity to then test and discuss some of the key points to be encapsulated in the vision with all employees. This might include testing a couple of different mission statements to probe for strength and weaknesses.

“I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal,
before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon
and returning him safely to the earth.”

JFK, Man on the Moon Speech Joint Session of Congress May 25, 1961

Great mission statements, such as JFK’s, include key points such as who, what, how, and by when. When employees help create mission statements, the are instinctively able to internalise these points, and bring them to effect in their day to day work.

For more information on using Zeetings to build a mission statements, drop us a line. We have helped hundreds of companies collaborate to shape their vision.

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