We get asked this question a lot.

Mostly by folks running pitch competitions where there will be more than one presenter. There is no right answer to this question but here are some things you might want to consider when you are setting up Zeetings for your next event.

A single Zeeting is usually the best.
Loading all the presentations up in one Zeeting is great because when you generate broadcast reports for your event, all your reporting information will be in one place.
The downside of loading all pitches into one Zeeting is that if you need to change some slides, the re-upload will be a little more complicated as you have so many slides in your deck to move around. Load all your slides as close to the end as possible, and for last minute changes only reload the changed slides.
Having one Zeeting is also simpler during a broadcast as you do not need to context switch between Zeetings. Remember all your Zeetings will broadcast on the same URL, but you will need to switch between Zeetings and stop and start the broadcast if your using more than one Zeeting.

There are a number of cases which may nessesitate you to move to multiple Zeetings.

If you have different presenters who want to manage their own content and polls, and broadcast on their own URL then separate Zeetings are best for this.
From a security perspective, it may be that you don’t want to SHARE all content with all people. If this is the case then you will need one Zeeting for each group of people you want to share with.

Hopefully this gets you started on the one or many Zeetings question.

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