Whether you’ve been using Zeetings since the beginning or are just checking us out for the first time, we want to help take your presentations to the next level. We figured the best way to do that would be to host a free Zeetings demo webinar to give you an overview of Zeetings, share some tips and tricks, and introduce you to our brand new features.

Zeetings demo webinar

In this webinar, we go over:

  • How to take audience engagement to the next level with Live Polling, Q&A, and more
  • How to gather insights and improve your presentations with the Analytics Dashboard
  • How to collect audience data with our Roll Call and Survey features
  • How to easily embed images, videos, maps & more into your presentations
  • How Zeetings can be customized and optimized for the classroom or the boardroom

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The Zeetings Team

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