A very powerful feature of Zeetings is the ability to share content with other people: slide sharing. When I am working on an upcoming presentation, I always like to bounce ideas, and show early drafts of my ideas to colleagues. Later, after I have delivered the presentation, I will often share my presentation with attendees, in order to continue the discussion and strengthen connections. The way I accomplish this in Zeetings is through the SHARE function, accessible by clicking on the green icon on the top of the main screen. In this tutorial I will give you a few tips on using SHARE.

Tip 1: A little different.

Presenters are very comfortable with the concept of Broadcast. SHARE is a little different. When I broadcast a Zeeting, I as the presenter, am in control of the presentation. When I move the presentation forwards and backwards, all other viewers of the Zeetings will have their content updated. When I SHARE a Zeeting I will most likely not be broadcasting. This means that the person I am sharing with has control, and can navigate through the slides at their leisure.

A cool feature of Zeetings, is that as a presenter, I can SHARE a Zeeting, then, when I notice people online in a Zeeting, I can start a broadcast and they will automatically be switched to my view of the presentation. Great, now we are all on the same page.

Tip 2: Keep it under wraps.

Zeetings is first and foremost designed for the Enterprise use case. That means that we consider your Zeeting as private. A private Zeeting means that only people that you specify will have access. Better still, you are in control. You can add or remove people at any time. Note that in order to access a Private Zeeting, people will need to create a Zeetings account.

Tip 3: Going Public.

To allow everyone access to your Zeeting, simply click on the Public radio dialog. This now means that everyone can access your Zeeting. People accessing your Zeeting need not have a Zeetings account. This will enable them to do things like posting anonymously in the activity feed. Anything can happen, maybe even going viral!

Tip 4: Share via email.

Do you want to allow people to access your Zeeing, either by clicking a link on your website, or by clicking on a link in an email? With Zeetings this is simple. Note that the ‘Link to Zeeting’ section at the top of the share screen provides a URL. Click on the copy button and this URL will be copied to your clipboard, ready to paste into your blog or email.

Tip 5: Get Notified.

A nice feature of Share is that you are notified, via email, when a person you have SHARED with opens your Zeeting. This can be useful for sales scenarios where you would like to contact a person, as they are reading your content.

OK, so now you have the basics. Get out there and start SHARING.

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