Something that always seems to cause problems in live presentations is Video. It is hard to say why, Video is just quirky and often goes wrong. More and more, we like to include video in our presentations. In this article I will give you a few tips to help your next video run smoothly.

Gotcha 1: Loading into Zeetings

The best way to load a video is to insert it into you Powerpoint, before you upload it. In order to get it to play in Zeetings, you will need to create an animation in Powerpoint to autoplay the video when the slide comes up. (see figure 1)


Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.43.09 AM

figure 1: Set PPT video to autoplay to allow it to start in Zeetings.

Gotcha 2: Watch out for file size

Probably the biggest problem with working with Video is file size. Your Powerpoint deck my be a reasonable size, around 10Meg. Then you insert in Video and, boom, you have packed on the pounds and top out the scales at over 500Meg. Its worth remembering as your file gets bigger and bigger, it gets harder to move around. Typically before a presentation I like to email myself the file, put it on a USB, Dropbox etc, such that when I show up at the event I have multiple ways of accessing my content. The larger the file size, the more difficult this can be.

Gotcha 3: Separate File 

There is another good reason for keeping the Powerpoint and the video in a separate file. For high end events, Audio Visual teams with have a dedicated machine for playing videos. If you turn up to the event with your video embedded in your Powerpoint it will make it difficult for the AV team to strip out the video. In general I find AV folks prefer to play the video from a separate file to the Powerpoint.

Gotcha 4: Codecs

When a video file is saved it is ‘encoded’ into a format that allows it to sit on the disk. To play it back it must then be ‘decoded’ by the player, to get it off the disk and onto your screen. The little gizmo that does the to-and- fro between your disk and the screen is called a Codec. Not all machines support all Codecs. Therefore just because your video plays nice on your machine at home, does not mean it will play nice on site at the event. For this reason I always bring my own laptop, where I know I can play the video from.

Gotcha 5: Internet Connection

Often one will play videos off the Internet. Unlike playing a video from a file, internet sites like youTube use streaming technology, which effectively downloads the file to the requesting computer in real-time. This means that if the on-site computer has trouble connecting to the Internet, you may have trouble connecting to you.

Gotcha 6: That is so inappropriate

This one is not technical in nature. It is worth thinking how a video will fit into your entire presentation. Sometimes it can be nice to kick off with a quick video, other times it can be seen as lazy on behalf of the presenter. Clearly you need to assess your topic, your audience and your video content to make the right call. In general, don’t over-rely on video, keep it down to a couple of minutes, and make sure the content is directly relevant to your presentation.

so there are a couple of quick tips for working video into your presentation. Good luck.

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image credits: Othertwice1504

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