On 15 September 2021, we will be winding down our operations and the Zeetings platform will no longer be available.

We are extremely grateful to the Zeetings community for being a part of the Zeetings journey

When we first launched Zeetings in 2013, we set out to empower everyone to present their stories in the most engaging way possible. We envisioned a world in which presentations could be transformed from one-way broadcasts into engaging two-way conversations where audience members would become active participants rather than passive observers.

Over the last seven years, we’ve been extremely humbled by the number of presenters across the globe who have used Zeetings to tell their stories to millions of people. From educators to small businesses, entrepreneurs and enterprises, we’ve loved seeing so many people around the world bringing their stories to life through the Zeetings platform.

Three years ago, the Zeetings team joined Canva on a mission to build the world’s most delightful end-to-end presentation experience. We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve been able to achieve together so far, building everything from thousands of beautiful templates to streamlined sharing and presenting options as well as a range of interactive and engaging experiences to bring presentations to life.

Today, more than 350 million presentations have been created using Canva Presentations. Every day, millions of people around the world turn our 2,000 templates into engaging presentation experiences, using real-time collaboration to co-create with their teams and presenting with features such as Presenter View, Canva Live and Magic Shortcuts to engage and captivate their audience.

What this means for existing Zeetings users

While we’re officially winding down Zeetings, we’re incredibly excited to be doubling down on Canva Presentations and the vision that started it all – empowering the whole world to tell stories through engaging presentations.

  • You will be able to continue using Zeetings until 15 September 2021.
  • As of 21 July 2021, we will cease offering subscriptions to our paid plans but will be giving access to our paid features, including presentations of up to 500 participants, to all users so that you can continue using Zeetings for any planned presentations until the platform is officially closed. If you have an existing paid subscription, we will be issuing a refund for the portion of your subscription from 21 July 2021 onwards.

If you’d like to try Canva Presentations, you can get started for free here.

Thank you for being a valued member of the Zeetings community. We’re incredibly grateful for the journey we’ve been on and couldn’t have done it without your support.

If you have any questions, please reach out via email to [email protected]

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