We’re thrilled to announce Zeetings is joining Canva 🎉


We’re thrilled to announce that Zeetings is joining Canva. For those who don’t know, Canva is an amazingly easy-to-use tool for designing anything from social media graphics and invitations to postcards and…you guessed it! …presentations 😀

First things first, you can keep using Zeetings just like you always have so no need to worry about anything on that front.


Now for the big news…


We launched Zeetings 3 years ago with the simple idea that if we could transform presentations from one-way monologues into two-way conversations, we could empower presenters to get their audience genuinely engaged and unleash the amazing ideas and knowledge of everyone in the room. Students could get actively involved in their learning, organisations could engage their communities and people everywhere could better tell their stories.


We believe that when people come together amazing things are possible. However, when people are expected to sit back and passively watch rather than lean in and be actively involved, this opportunity is missed. When devices serve as a distraction from what’s happening in the room rather than as a tool to enhance the experience, everyone is worse off.


By leveraging each participant’s connected device, Zeetings gets everyone involved, gives everyone a voice and provides presenters with unique insight into what each person is thinking.


We wanted Zeetings to be flexible so that it could adapt to the huge range of environments in which presentations are delivered. We’ve been humbled by companies like BMW using Zeetings to celebrate their centenary. We’ve been excited by organisations like Singularity University using Zeetings to help people catch a glimpse of our exponential future. We have been inspired by the teachers using Zeetings every day in their classrooms. We have also loved seeing people use Zeetings in all sorts of ways we never imagined from getting friends to pick a restaurant to asking a special someone to be their valentine.


We are excited to be joining Canva because we have a shared vision for the future of presentations. We see a world in which presentations are both beautiful and effective. In which presentations bring people together, generate diverse thinking and are never ever boring!


By bringing Canva and Zeetings together, we will be able to both accelerate and expand what each of us would have been able to achieve alone.


Above all this, after getting to know the Canva team, we found not just a common vision but also common values. Canva is genuinely committed to being a force for good.


The Zeetings team is thrilled to be joining Canva and looks forward to continuing to help each of you tell your stories.

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