Create unforgettable interactive experiences with these features

Presenting: To any device, anywhere

Get everyone on the same page by empowering your participants to follow your slides and other content directly from their own device. Each time you change slides, their device will automatically change too.

Joining in is super simple. There’s nothing to download, install or sign up to – participants just open a web browser on any device and go to a URL that you choose

Polling: Get real-time feedback with live polls

Want to know what everyone is thinking? Now you can. With Zeetings you can create polls that dynamically update as people vote. Participants vote from any device and the results can be displayed in real-time on the big screen.

There are six question formats and creating a new poll literally takes a few seconds. The possibilities are endless!

Interactive Audience Response System

Run the ultimate Q&A session

Empower every participant to submit and vote up the questions they most want answered. As questions are being addressed, display them on the big screen with a single click.

Questions can be posted anonymously so everyone feels comfortable participating and you can moderate questions before they go live. Watch the volume of questions addressed soar and put an end to mic hogging once and for all!

Activity Wall

Capture the pulse of the room by displaying questions and comments in a live feed on the big screen as they’re posted by your participants. With a single click, you can launch an Activiity Wall that displays everything your participants post in the Activity section. The Activity Wall can also display your logo or profile pic and the name of your session.

Whether you’re brainstorming and want to display ideas, getting feedback on what’s being presented or gathering questions to be answered, the Activity Wall gathers what everyone is thinking in one place and displays it in a format tailored for big screens.

Surveys: Collect information from your participants

Pop a survey right in the middle of your presentation. Surveys take seconds to create and are a really effective way of collecting data from your participants in the moment. We all know what happens when you send out a survey the day after – really low response rates. Do it live we say!

Surveys can collect simple information like participant email addresses or more detailed information like qualitative feedback. Everything is tracked, saved to an online report and exportable as a CSV file.

Activity: Start a conversation

Each of your participants has something to add – Zeetings gives them a voice. Participants can post questions and comments and reply to what other people have to say. Display individual posts on the big screen or use an Activity Wall to display them as a live feed.
Posts can be anonymous so you know what people are really thinking and can be moderated so you’re kept in complete control.

People: Work the room

Help everyone get to know each other. The People section shows who’s following the zeeting and who’s online right now. You, and your participants, can also select an individual person and send them a direct message.

Add Youtube videos to your presentations

Ever wanted to show a video from Youtube during your presentations? It’s now really easy. Forget about trying to embed a video into your slides or switching windows while you’re at the podium, with Zeetings you just paste any link from Youtube and drag and drop the video into the position you want.

Take notes

Provide your participants with easy-to-use, hassle free note-taking right on their own device. Notes can be saved to their profile if they have a Zeetings account or just sent directly to their email if they don’t. All notes are private and can only be accessed by the participant who made them.

The Notes section is also a useful place for presenters to keep any information they may want to refer to or to keep their speaker notes.


Zeetings is not just for live presenting, it’s also a great way of sharing a presentation with one or more people. When you share a presentation with Zeetings, not only are recipients able to view your content but they can also interact with polls, post comments, ask questions are more. The best part is you get unparalleled control – you can delete or edit content after it’s shared and grant and revoke access on an individual level.

Roll Call: Get the details you need

Need a quick way of grabbing personal details from your participants? Now you have one. Before anyone joins your presentations, you can ask for their names and email addresses and, if what you’re presenting is sensitive or confidential, you can can require an access code too.

This is a great way of checking who’s in attendance and getting the details you need for follow ups.

Embed content

If a picture says a thousand words, then a GIF must say at least 10,000! The web is full of amazing content – from GIF’s and videos to photos and documents. Zeetings makes including such content in your presentations as easy as copying and pasting an embed code.

Embed a Google Doc, a map, a tweet or any other embeddable content you find on the web directly into your presentations. They display neatly as slide and are inserted seamlessly in the flow of your presentation.

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