Live Audience Polling

Get instant feedback from your audience with live polls
and display the results beautifully in real-time.

Presentation polls let your audience be heard, feel involved and stay
engaged with your presentation, meeting or event from start to finish.

Save Time

Create a poll in seconds

Multi Device Support

Participants vote from any device

Live Polling Results Updated In Real Time

Display results in real time

Create a poll in seconds

With five different question formats, there’s one to suit every situation. Break the ice with a fun poll, get everyone’s attention with a controversial question or gather critical feedback on your topic:

  • thumbs up/thumbs down
  • ranking polls
  • text polls
  • star ratings
  • multiple choice.

Polls take seconds to create. Just select the format, type your question and hit “Create”. That’s it! Create them before your event or on the fly during the presentation.

With Zeetings, you can create an unlimited number of polls and you can customise each one with the colour of your choice.

Interactive Audience Response System

Participants can vote from any device

Goodbye clickers, hello easy voting. For participants, voting couldn’t be easier. To get involved, they just go to your personal Zeetings URL, such as
They can join in from any device from anywhere – there’s no app to download, no software to install and they don’t need to create an account.

Live Polling On Phone Without App Download

Show time: Beautifully display the results in real-time

Display poll result live as the votes come in. Watch the group come alive as bar charts bounce across the screen, stars light up and text answers flash by.

Simplified Polling Results Display

Analyse and Export your results

Your analytics dashboard displays all the data you collect in an easy-to-use format complete graphs and charts. For the real data-junkies amongst you, all the data can also be exported to Excel.

Each vote is recorded and, if you set up your poll to not be anonymous, you can view how each participant voted.

Detailed Analysis Of Poll Results

Perfect for events of all shapes and sizes

No matter how large or small your event, Zeetings presentation polls are fully scalable to fit the size of your audience. Use it to explore individual feedback at a company-level, gauge the opinion of the crowd at mega-events, and gather votes from participants no matter where they are in the world.

“Thank you so much! It was awesome - everybody was totally excited and waiting for another poll! :) The audience loved Zeetings and the speakers were deeply impressed with how fast the results were shown on the screen!"
Jutta Meier
Jutta Meier Marketing & Innovation, BMW
"Zeetings really brought another level to our event - not only with regards to bringing a tech experience to our tech event (for the first time!), but also the interactivity and connection opportunity it provided our customers - so thank you! These analytics are great.”
Alice Conibear
Alice Conibear Manager, Marketing and Creative Services, ASX
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