Interactive Q&A Sessions

A Q&A session can be just as important as the presentation itself, especially if you want your message to reach the audience with clarity and confidence.

Manage your Q&A sessions like a pro.

Easily Collect Questions From Audience

Collect questions in real-time, anonymously or with names

Filter Through Most Asked Questions in Q&A Sessions

Identify the questions your audience most want answered

Display Live Feed During Q&A

Display questions individually or as a live feed

Presentation software that gets people talking

“Questions, anyone?


There’s nothing worse than being met by a sea of silence during Q&A time.

Participants can submit questions right from their smartphones and other devices, throughout the session so that a list of questions is ready when Q&A time rolls in.

Simply share a personalised link with participants at the start and you’re good to go. Nothing to download and participants don’t even need to sign up for an account.

Increase Engagement During Q&A

Question come in anonymously or with names

Get participants to share what they’re really thinking by accepting questions anonymously. It’s perfect for getting everyone involved – especially those who don’t have the confidence to stand up and ask their questions out loud.

Zeetings puts each audience member on an equal footing so the loudest voices don’t dominate and everyone is empowered to contribute.

Ask Questions While Being Anonymous

Easily identify the most important questions

Crowdsource the best questions by getting participants to vote for the ones they most want answered. Bring transparency to your Q&A session and give each participant a voice in deciding which questions are most important.

Any questions that you don’t get to are not lost either. With Zeetings, everything is saved and you can provide answers to any open questions after the session.

Answer Most Important Questions First

Screen questions before they hit

Live Q&A sessions keep your audience listening but what happens when you get a question out of left field; something inappropriate, unrelated or so complicated it deserves it’s own presentation entirely?

Zeetings has you covered – moderate each post before it goes live.

Approve Or Reject Questions During Live Q&A

Keep your audience pinned

With Zeetings interactive presentation software, you have multiple options for displaying questions back to your audience.

Feature individual questions on the main screen as you answer them or display every question as a live feed as they come in.

Choose How Your Questions And Answers Appear During Presentation

Audience intelligence with Q&A analytics

Indulge your inner nerd with audience analytics that help you understand what your participants are thinking.

Compare questions with comments and poll results – see which questions were most popular and which attracted the biggest reaction from other participants.

Everything can be exported to Excel to give you the option to crunch the numbers further.

Analytical Statistics To Improve Future Presentations
“Interactive participation via Zeetings, and the ability to crowd source questions for the panel, prioritised by the highest number of 'likes' received was a brilliant idea!"
Steven B., Technology Services ANZ GTSO Townhall
“Loved being able to vote on the questions that were raised and have these answered on the spot."
Carol G., Operations ANZ GTSO Townhall
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